The singer of Coca storis instagram has published a video of their journey.

It showed a completely empty airport premises, and then showed the panorama of the city from height of the flight.

At first the artist tried to intrigue the subscribers, offering to guess the city.

But very quickly admitted that it – Istanbul.


Before the Clave had come to Turkish resorts. And the city was struck by her completely different atmosphere.

“In Istanbul, I for the first time, but honestly, I really like it. Is not like the usual resort Turkey. Here like Europe, a lot less people. All that racy,” wrote Claudia in his microblog.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the novels associated with Claudia Coca long been rumored.

For a long time, her attributed relations With Egor Creed, later, Morgenstern, and now it was the turn NILETTO.