The mysterious murder of her roommate (†21) brought Amanda Knox (31) behind bars. Since 2015, she is free again – after the court had declared to be innocent. Now, she plays a murder-Mystery-Party the role of a Countess, who is said to have stabbed to death a British artist and makes a public joke about it.

On Instagram she published a photograph of a Victorian dress, her disguise at the mystery Dinner.

Including, she writes: “A priceless image is missing, and the artist, poisoned and stabbed to death found. And would you believe it, I, the Countess of Lovelance’m accused of.”

“Four hours – better than four years”

For a murder mystery Dinner for each participant assigned a role. The game starts in the normal case with a murder that must be solved. Knox quipped: “I was finally relieved, after four hours. Better than four years.”

as long As it took, until Amanda Knox was acquitted. The verdict made headlines around the world. Also under the Instagram picture you accuse some users of the murder of her roommate.

18’000 euros in compensation

On the evening of the 1. November, 2007 the British woman Meredith Kercher (†21) was raped in her house in Perugia (Italy), strangled and stabbed to death. Rudy Guede (32) is said to have committed the offence. However, Amanda Knox and her then boyfriend were arrested. You should have participated in the cruel Sex-Play.

Later, the court sentenced her to 28 years in prison. Only the last instance acquitted the two alleged accomplices in the end.

Knox, who was also called because of their bright blue eyes, the “angel with the Eisaugen”, received around 18’000 euros in compensation. (hah)