Husband addicted to alcohol and illegal substances, beat actress Marina Fedunkiv and threatened to kill her. This she said on the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!”.

Fedunkiw, as reported by “Rambler”, famous for execution of roles in such films and serials as “Real boys”, “Give young people!”, “Corporate party”, “Prom night,” “Grandma easy virtue”, “Zомбоящик” and “Fitness”, as well as participation in such Comedy shows as “Comedy club” (Comedy Woman) and “Gum woman” (Comedy Woman).

In March of 2019, she told me that her second husband was addicted to alcohol and banned substances. Today, the actress became the heroine of a new episode of the show “Julia, damn it!”. In the course of it she told me that she did not realize how serious the addiction of a spouse.

“There was just sick!” — reported Fedunkiw.

She told me that she loved her husband, could not get away from him and tried to save, including addressed to psychologists. Also, the actress said that her husband beat her, but she didn’t contact the police, because it was already well-known performances in “Club of the funny and inventive” (KVN) and she was embarrassed, and also because her husband threatened to kill her if she did.