Henry Reznik has noticed that in practice there is a perception of the prevailing accusatory bias of the courts, violation of the rights of the defence. The master urged young lawyers not to fall into exaggeration and does not come from negative attitudes.

“the Court is interested in the fact that the decisions he makes, resisted, so the initial install needs to be on cooperation with the court, said Vice-President of the FPA. – And then, in the process, the lawyer needs to understand, whether the court is interested in making a lawful and reasonable decision that will stand in the higher courts”.

As emphasized by Henry Reznik, a young lawyer it is important to constantly improve, to learn, to acquire a practice that, when on his way to meet a challenging, interesting and promising work, to be ready for it. “It is very important to be wealthy in the case, which can largely determine the further career path. The lawyer grows with the business, the successes,” said the master of the bar.

In contrast to representatives of other legal professions, investigators, prosecutors, employees of tax and customs bodies, etc. who are employees, lawyers do not exist guarantees of income and social support. “Our profession,’ said Henry Reznik, should provide a decent wage, a decent living. If I’m asked a question, what is the most important and difficult in our profession, I say don’t hesitate: relationships with clients who turn to us for help.”

Lawyer should be not only a good lawyer, and a scholar of law and psychologist. Discussing with the client the aspects of the agreement on rendering legal assistance, you should be very honest and see clearly the situation and its possible development with a realistic understanding of the chances of a successful outcome. The success of a lawyer, said Henry Reznik, depends not only on professional knowledge: it is also important personal qualities such as communication skills and charisma.