Stéphane Henchoz, the former world-class defender of Liverpool, has brought Xamax back on track. “Safety first” is his motto. Just don’t make mistakes.

But what good is that if instead in the head of the all-time biggest bucks are shot? President, Christian Binggeli, out of the blue explained, you will work together starting in June, with Henchoz, must have been mine for the Trainer, a blow in the stomach. But above all, the unnecessary anxiety it brings in the fragile Association.

Henchoz is clearly one of the players in high esteem, not only because he is trained tactically well, but also because he’s a human uprightly. Binggeli wants to build at Xamax stepping on their own Young. This work he doesn’t like Henchoz. Binggeli called tuna as a model. In doing so, he ignores the fact that the tuna head of sports, Gerber brings players who get in the Oberland a second Chance.

in Addition, tuna on the coach position continuity like no other club has. And finally, with Markus Lüthi a President who keeps out of sports questions, and coach and head of sports.

Maybe Binggeli should take it as a model. Because if he fuhrwerkt and Xamax should descend at the end, then the President is the main responsible.