“Can you smoke in the packaging?”, this funny question Christian Welti hear from Online meat retailers meat4you regularly, when he declared that the cooling is packaging made from hemp. “You’re welcome to try to smoke the hemp, we don’t recommend it but,” is the jocular reply of Welti, he tells VIEW.

How did the Online meat retailers from Lupfig AG to a Eco-friendly packaging material developed in Germany? “We wanted to provide customers with the best Service – and for us, that it is also sustainable”, says Welti.

Online meat trade after the closing of the butcher’s shop

just two years ago the Online trading. Previously it was for decades the butcher shop in Lupfig, which belongs to the Gasthof Ochsen. But the clientele was always rare, so the butcher shop was closed. The space has been integrated into the Inn, and so you can take on the new butcher’s stübli place.

“but We were always asked if you could order this or that speciality,” says Welti, the emergence of the Online meat trade. In this context, the question is: How do we send the meat well-chilled was?

24 hours

chilled a Lot of Simply and Testing were the result. The tried and tested Styrofoam boxes were not for Welti in question: “The Consumer then has the balcony full of boxes after four to five orders.” This is because meat4you by Post and not private courier service employees, could pick up the boxes back to the customer. You could afford so no returnable packaging with dry ice as you need, the Online food retailer LeShop or Coop for their cool stuff. It had to be, therefore, a type of packaging to Dispose of, but cooled the product 24 hours. “Even on hot summer days, the cooling chain must work,” says Welti.

Because they are found in Switzerland, nothing that corresponded to their ideas, were looking for you in the near abroad. So you found the company country pack GmbH in Alling near Munich, is the cool packaging from straw and hemp, as well as a cooling element with pure water. According to the country pack hemp has an exemplary eco-balance: It is the atmosphere escapes much more carbon dioxide than in the course of the cultivation, the harvesting and to processing, are released. Hemp grows every day, up to four inches, and without fertilizers and plant protection products. And hemp upgrade, by the way, the fertility of the soil.

cooling element: water for the flowers

So the populated 100 to 150 orders per week in a carton with hemp mats are designed and the cooling element of water. The customer can animals the mats then compost. Or: “Our advice for customers with a green thumb: The hemp Mat is an ideal breeding ground for plants.” The cooling element can be used, or the water will give the flowers and the envelope in the PET waste to dispose of. The carton may be re-used or recycled.

“No secret: The mats are expensive! We are in the obligation to invest in the future,” says Welti’s decision. And thinking even further ahead: Current attached to the delivery note for each case wrapped in plastic on the package. “As soon as we have exhausted all the plastic covers, we’re going to make a product that is 100 percent biodegradable,” says Welti proud of.