Marcel Koller: Karli or Matt. He was at the time – I was maybe six, seven, eight years old – the big players in Switzerland, the FCB, and he was fully in the juice. It was great to watch him.
Marc Schneider: Since I can call, unfortunately, no. Logically I watched as a child every Cup final. My Hero, the Cup final itself.

Koller: , The final defeat with the GC against Lugano in 1993. We lost the game 1:4. This was a very painful defeat.
Schneider: This was on a cold evening in March 2004. I was playing for FCZ. In the semi-final the opponent GC was called. A totally crazy game: We had a 2:0, 3:1, 4:2, then even 5:2. Then a sending off against us, GC shoots 3 goals in 7 minutes and win after extra time in the 6:5.

Koller: With the 1. FC Cologne, we lost in the DFB-Pokal 2003/2004 in the second round against the lower-class opponent Greuther Fürth. After The Penalty Shoot-Out. I asked prior to the penalty, the players shoot, whether you want to compete, but none of us wanted to really, and finally, I had to determine the players themselves. This did not come out well.
Schneider: Simple question! That was before one and a half years ago, when we lost against the FCZ 3:4. We had an early 2:0, later 3:1, and conceded in the final minutes and stoppage time with three goals.

Koller: That was after a replay in 1983, when we won against Servette 3:0. In the first leg we 2:2 played in a draw, since Servette was actually better. It was the first Cup race victory for GC after many years.
Schneider: After winning the Cup final with FC Zurich against Luzern in 2005. The 3:1 and I scored the first hit.

Koller: comes hopefully on the 19th. May.
Schneider: That was after the semi-final in Lucerne. Although we have celebrated on the field with the Fans briefly. On the return trip, the mood was good, but not omitted.

Koller: Since I can pick actually out none. If you win the Cup, is that every Time an incredibly great feeling.
Schneider: Also because I like thinking back to the final in 2005. Although I am also in the semi-final against YB a very good game was managed.

Koller: I’ll go in a Cup final like in every other game also. It is for the team to prepare and tune in. The processes but remain basically the same.
Schneider: None!

Koller: I would give him a sure Hand and him to cheer up – but in the Moment when you win the Cup, you’re in your own positive emotions and think of your To.
Schneider: This is really the last thing I would do today thoughts.

Koller: Together with Red-and-Blue, with the team, the club and the Fans. I hope there will be a great, if we win the Cup.
Schneider: With the players and our families.

Koller: to My wife.
Schneider: My four and a half years late father who has always supported me.

Koller: … Bärndüütsch.
Schneider: I saw Marcel Koller in this season for the first Time and barely know him. He certainly has more experience than I, and has celebrated success on a national and international level.

Koller: … the Züri-strings.
Schneider: mass-to tell me that I could be something better than Marcel Koller.

Koller: With a warm lunch.
Schneider: I’ll be sure to do something Special, it gives our players, hopefully, the last motivation kick, so we go with a heart and passion to the space.

Koller: A tip I don’t want to leave – but we play to win and want to bring the Cup to Basel!
cutter : We win! We are convinced that we will get the first title in the club’s history to Thun.