Germany is discussing these taxes: The inheritance and gift tax on real estate could rise massively in 2023. The new property tax is also causing a lot of discussion. Do you have any questions? Write us!

From 2025 onwards, property tax will be recalculated for around 36 million residential buildings, plots of land and non-residential buildings in Germany. Real estate owners are already submitting a declaration to the tax office this year to determine the property’s value.

Because the federal states will calculate the property tax according to different models in the future, the information requested will also differ. In some countries, for example, the standard land value and the land area must be specified, in other cadastral information such as parcel and parcel number as well as the age of the building and its use.

Real estate heirs face higher inheritance and gift taxes. Anyone who is unlucky enough to slip into a higher tax bracket due to the planned new valuation rules can multiply the inheritance or gift tax.

So anyone planning to transfer their house to their children by way of anticipated inheritance should probably do so this year. But there are also many things to consider.