The majority of Germans are in favor of continuing to use the three remaining nuclear power plants. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Habeck to justify his defiance. Because the five wise men have also positioned themselves clearly.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for Robert Habeck to justify his defiance of the three German nuclear power plants. After the clear majority of the people, who spoke out in various polls in favor of continued use, the five economic wise men are now unanimously calling for it.

The competent quintet is officially called the “Council of Experts for the Assessment of Overall Economic Development”. The Federal President appoints the members on the recommendation of the Federal Government.

They are supported by a scientific staff headed by a Secretary General. For its organizational and statistical tasks, the Council of Five Wise Men can fall back on an office located at the Federal Statistical Office.

It is an honor to be appointed to the board. Prerequisites are special knowledge of economics and economics.

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The economy minister, who has little expertise of his own, should be happy about the knowledge of his five advisers, who come from different directions. Achim Truger, a professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen, has been there the longest. His focus is government activity. He has advised trade unions and also parliamentary groups in the European Parliament.

Veronika Grimm holds the Chair of Economic Theory at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. She is a leader in energy market design.

Monika Schnitzer is Professor of Comparative Economic Research at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Before that, she taught for years as a visiting professor at the most important universities in the USA. Her research focused primarily on competition and multinational companies.

Martin Werding heads the Chair of Social Policy and Public Finance at the Ruhr University in Bochum. His focus is on old age security and labor market policy.

The newest member is Ulrike Malmendier, finance professor at the University of California at Berkeley. After earning her doctorate in law, she also earned her doctorate in economics from Harvard University.

These five are obliged to submit an annual report and economic forecasts. In problem situations, they also provide up-to-date statements. As for the nuclear power plant question. It would be incomprehensible if Habeck disregarded her scientific advice and clung to partisan ideology.


The young forester was amazed. It looked as if he had gendered, although he has nothing to do with this language corruption.

In the subtitles of his interview in the program “Das Ding”, the young forester Fabian read his statement as follows: “For example, there are often conflicts with cyclists, walkers, joggers and horse riders”. In the interview he had spoken of “people”. The editors changed this to “Forest Visitors”.

The Mainz editors had falsified his statement in the subtitles. He had spoken in perfectly normal German. Südwestrundfunk has since apologized. It was allegedly “a mistake”. It wasn’t an accident, of course, but a clear intention. Many in the stations want to educate us.

FOCUS founding editor-in-chief Helmut Markwort has been a FDP member of the Bavarian state parliament since 2018.