The television premiere of the ten-year-old Marie Lotta was a Gag at any cost. The young reporter opened in the “Arena” of the election campaign. With the future of music on the children’s trumpet. The Federal house is not a Kindergarten.

The VIEWS of the readers of the letter page, for me, is a fascinating read. In the edition of 7. September Andreas Müller from Dielsdorf reported, he pranks all the “Previous” and select only “newbies”. Because I would have had no Chance. Dieter Lüthi from aegerten would like to introduce to candidates the Limit is 60 as the maximum age. In a different VIEW-issue Young require less “old men”.

When I started in the national Council, I was 37 years old, the Youngest in the Council. An 84-Year-old, the Oldest in my group. The has changed.

Toni Brunner, Ex-President of the SVP, is 21 became the age of the national Council. Young members of today are no more an exception. And the “old men” have become younger. 50 is not old. Of 75 and more.

For the Young under 25 years of age policy is not a priority. Except pissed-off as I was. Training, career choice, love, sports are more important. Policy comes, if at all, later.

In eleven days, we know the election results. Climate change has been overshadowed in the election campaign, everything. Allow me, therefore, to consult the “Pro Natura magazine”. As an Organ, the largest environmental organization in Switzerland. Pro Natura is a politically broad-based. For the last four years, the parties have been graded. Whether for or against nature and the environment.

green, liberal and EPP can get for your commitment only slight compromises. The BDP something more. The CVP offered depending on the individual, “major differences”.

For the FDP-President Petra Gössi “called the turn”, it was the highest rail. The FDP group has voted in four out of five cases against nature and the environment. The balance of the SVP is not mentioned with one word: “disastrous”.

The best grades will receive: “the one Who fights for nature and the environment, the Greens and the SP a home.” Red has always been the most beautiful Green.

Helmut Hubacher (93) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.