For the SVP-governance is the agreement with the EU is a “colonial contract”. The chief ideologist under the Federal Council, he is seeking to keep secret the accession to the EU. With a coup. So far, we are so. The strongest party in the country in the power politics of the Ghost train, as if the Federal Council would be a band of Conspirators.

The trade unions reject the agreement. It is the protection of wages guarantee missing. You will need to. Otherwise it is not needed at all.

party soldier or the Federal Council?

The “think-tank Foraus”, so your business card makes to the wage protection new, highly interesting proposals. Trade Union boss and the SP national councillor Corrado Pardini should you have read. Before the sunk with Christoph Blocher, the EU agreements in the television Arena. The most important agreements with the main trading partners.

That would be the hour of the competent Minister for economic Affairs, Guy Parmelin. He should quote the social partners of the economy and of trade unions at the round table. In order to solve the Problem of wage protection. Only he would have to act. His party is satisfied, when he categorized the EU-Dossier. Parmelins Problem: Whether he is a soldier and a Party, or whether he is after his escape from the military Department, but the Federal Council. Ueli Maurer can advise him.

The free democratic party, says without reservation, ” Yes ” to the EU agreements. Although there is a barrage of objections. Even the Federal Council has not yet decided. He is silent in all languages of the country.

at The last Moment

The CVP says “Yes, but …”. SP and Green for a ” Yes ” to the agreement and Yes to the protection of Wages. All four are calling for further talks with the EU. It is catching up.

A reasonable relationship with the EU is essential. Two-thirds of the external trade of going about it. The situation, however, is bad. The SVP is a secure Bank for the no. FDP, SP, CVP, and Green must join forces, in order to have the referendum a Chance.

Peter Bodenmann said that, at times, Swiss politics, if often only at the last Moment, the curve still managed. By the way: democracy guarantees that we will not be governed better than we deserve.

Helmut Hubacher (92) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every other Wednesday.