The blow show “Hello Again” was for the SRF to date, a true ratings hit: In the spring of Viola Tami (37) delivers in the footsteps of husband Roman Kilchsperger (48), who left the station in the direction of the tele club. But now comes out: Tami’s Premiere could be your Last. How “Tele” is speculated to have the Show according to insiders at the SRF in a difficult position – probably in connection with the new SRF-Director of the Nathalie Wappler (51). “The shipment has no Lobby more,” the magazine writes.

not at all rosy for the Show but also in terms of the Star-guests: Many of the figureheads of the industry should not be in the current year, even for an appearance. So Helene Fischer (34) after the separation of long-time friend of Florian silver iron (37) this year as well, it goes back from the Public. Singer Andrea Berg (52) should be derecognized in 2019 already. Similarly, your colleagues Roland Kaiser (66) and Semino Rossi (56), both should focus on their own concerts.

“Cancel it, this includes”

The SRF is according to the magazine: “to Cancel from the Stars due to scheduling or financial reasons.” Nevertheless, the TV channel said that it will be a “diverse and entertaining” show. In addition, you know to compensate for the lack of international Stars. “Especially in the last few years, we have placed more and more on acts from Switzerland”, explains Reto Peritz, head of the Show and Events. So they wanted to promote the Swiss music scene.

How to do it with “Hello again”, according to the 11. May. Then the next issue takes place. Newcomer Viola Tami can only hope for a Top rate. (bnr)