the Helicopters of the Moscow aviation centre launched today to monitor the fire situation in the capital and neighboring areas. This was announced by Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

“Carrying out reconnaissance from the air is an important preventive measure, it allows to detect fires at an early stage and promptly carry out measures for their containment and subsequent elimination,” – said Biryukov.

He stressed that due to the high risk of wildfires helicopters will make daily flights until the end of September.

the Deputy Mayor explained that in the case of fire detection pilots report the remote operational services of the city, and to the place of fire immediately sent fire and rescue units.

“Do helicopters equipped with overflow device, allowing them to proceed immediately to the fire and dump five tons of water to eliminate fire. This is especially important if the fire occurred in a remote location and machinery there is no possibility to pass to him,” – said the head of the urban center.

last year the crew of the helicopters aviation center was completed 849-space exploration fire situation and discovered 17 fires.