“A powerful character in times of climate change: with a Heli and a white-covered diesel carriage travels, the breeding master to the local party event!”, knee-comedian Viktor Giacobbo writes on Twitter.

There is a spectacular photo of the SVP makes-Dean of the round: Like a king Christoph Blocher (78) sits on the trailer of a tractor, more precisely, on Bales of hay covered with a white cloth. A still modern vehicle for the former Federal Council of the former agrarian party. Behind it is a white-TCS-Heli with the Blocher, along with his daughter Magdalena Martullo – is hovering.

How to daughter Magdalena Martullo came out dry on the Meadow?

We are located on the Lawn in front of the moated castle of Hagenwil. Here the advanced party, the Board of management of the SVP Switzerland. Also Blochers are part of the game. Why only the father with the trailer is driven and how the daughter, with dry feet, came over the wet Grass, is not known.

The more the photo is an image Icon. “The party leader is driven to read to his troops the Levites,” writes the editor-in-chief of the “St. Galler Tagblatts” on Twitter. Although without an official party office web, says Blocher, where it goes long.

leadership is necessary. The Zurich cantonal party is currently without leadership. You are looking for, atypical for the well-led party, a transition President.

Maybe found himself under the beam Sünneli over the castle Hagenwil a solution. (gust)