In the case of money the friendship ceases – this must now also learn the Ex-fiancee of Thomas lateral (34) bitter on their own body. Anelia Janeva (36) was left by her former Partner, because he fell in love with blow Queen Helene Fischer (34). Spark has it. last September on the stage – Acrobat lateral flew with fishermen at their Shows in a spectacular aerial number on the stage

His relationship to the blow Queen drove its market value in the amount. Money should not be lacking the show-business Couple so. Fischer earned solely in the year 2018, according to “Forbes,” the equivalent of around 31 million Swiss francs. Nevertheless, Thomas lateral now provides cash advances to his Ex-fiancee, as “Colorful” writing. An Insider from the dancer scene, says: “Thomas’ behavior is absolutely characterless. First he cheats on his fiancee, now he demands money from her. He probably wants to make Helene a gift he paid for it yourself.”

Thomas lateral demands money from the common flat

That would be an expensive gift. Because Thomas lateral calls from his Ex, allegedly, the equivalent of about 66’000 Swiss francs for a condo, bought by the Couple in Berlin. “Not 50 square metres in size.” Originally, he wanted to francs, almost 89’000, would give now, but with the smaller amount is satisfied. Don’t have the money Janeva “of course”.

Since then, a lateral with the Queen together, no longer speak, the dancers scene, good on him. A dancer from Seitels environment says to “Colorful”, that is lateral have to thank for his success is actually his Ex-partner. “Thomas was a good Turner, but had no idea of fashion or Lifestyle, as he met with Anelia. She has shaped it visually, guide and photographer in the scene. Almost all of the photos of Thomas as an Artist, has made Anelia.” The Insider continued: “Thomas has dumped his fiancée, freezing cold, and instead of their the rich, Helene caught.” The yoke to him, for status symbols were very important. He had not all of his Gage only.

Only at the request of Helene he had told her the truth. “They had until then no idea of the affair, was shocked.” Particularly bitter for Thomas Seitels Ex-fiancee: For 2019, a wedding and a Baby had been planned. (paf)