you stick together in good times and in hard times: Helene Fischer (35) and her boyfriend Thomas lateral (34) currently have to cope with a heavy blow of fate. The two took part, according to a report in the German magazine “Bunte”, at the funeral of Thomas’ Grossmami Margareta Maria lateral. She died on 31. July at the age of 91 years.

An Ave Maria for the “son-in-law Roma”

The memorial service was held on Thursday afternoon from the 8. August in the South Hessian municipality of Eppertshausen (D) instead. When you go to the grave in the woodland cemetery Helene Fischer holds the Hand of her loved one, wearing a black sheath dress with black thigh-high boots, her boyfriend in a dark blue suit and white sneakers. Later, in the Church, the Couple always takes the back with the hands, before the two make for an emotional Moment: Thomas lateral directs his words to those present, before Helene Fischer is “Ave Maria,” and-so family and friends moved to tears. Grandma Margaret was, according to the report, strictly a believer and a big Fan of Helene’s hit songs. This special appearance of the shock, the Queen was devoted to her alone.

pressure was for Seitels grandma just

For the acrobats Thomas lateral has changed his life after the relationship with fishermen will be in December 2018, fundamentally, as he revealed recently in an Interview with “time magazine”. For his family it was not easy, especially for his grandparents: “I have decided, with all the consequences for this woman. But my family is involved now, unfortunately … My grandparents are both 91 years old, everything is broken like a Tornado over them inside,” he said. The more beautiful it is to see Helene Fischer fits into family life, this is her life the most important, as you said in an Interview: “When I sit down with my family and my friends, I’m not the Star, but just Helene.” (imh)