In Germany, big uproar: Several politicians and celebrities have been threatened with E-Mails from neo-Nazis, such as Süddeutsche Zeitung and the NDR reports. Among the Victims, the pop star, Helene Fischer (34).

fisherman with a clear Statement

HNach the riots in Chemnitz (D) from the last year of the musician against the Right said. At that time, she wrote in a Facebook Post: “We cannot and must not hide what is happening in our country, but we can see, fortunately, the cohesion at the same time – that should make us proud.”

Even more, she was finally, at one of their concerts. She said: “Rise with me the voice. Against Violence. Against Xenophobia. And together, let us sing this song: “We break the Silence” – here in Berlin. Are you with me?”

The now sent threats to have it all: Over 100 persons were contacted from different mail accounts. Even several bomb threats. The Situation was so serious that on Monday, the Central train station in Lübeck (D) vacated had to be.


Whether it is a Letter to Helene Fischer is a free-rider, cannot be ruled out. The pop star has not commented yet on the threat. At the moment she takes a break. Together with friend Thomas lateral (33) recovers them just in South Africa, such as “image” reported. The two were last seen during a Whale-Watching Tour. (bnr)