He can not make it: even Though Helene Fischer (34) would like to enjoy your love with Lover Thomas (34) in all privacy, chats Seitels father, Günter, for the umpteenth Time about the two lovebirds. After he had already been given twice in the “Darmstädter Echo” information, quoting the former athlete, now of the magazine “Closer”.

According to the report, visited Thomas lateral his father recently in the home in Eppertshausen (D) and helped him with the Remodel of the bathroom. The conversation was on the topic of family.

“The family gang is already very tight,” says Günter lateral. He himself had met with the parents of Helene already, he continues. “I know for a long time.” Sounds like a very harmonious way between the houses lateral and fishing.

Günter lateral: “A major issue”

lateral senior is also Interested in everything that is written about his son and his famous girlfriend. “”Helene is pregnant,” stand there, Yes, the other day,” says Günter lateral, laughing. He is then raised, but specifically to the for some time been circulating baby rumors, keeps Thomas’ father covered.

“I know as a middle pair up to now, little,” he says, telling. And adds: “This would have been a major issue, as he had told me in our tag here with certainty.”

Helene don’t want reigns “necessarily” a child of

Real clarity to these statements in terms of young with Helene Fischer. It remains, however, in the – at least the realistic possibility that the singer is going to but at some point, mother.

In an Interview, she pointed out a couple of years ago: “If I’m going to in a few years, quiet, I want to necessarily be a child.” And after all: a dream of A Villa that could fit in the space loose, as a family, nest, build, Helene and Thomas is currently on the Ammersee near Munich (D). (wyt)