The Fans of patience, tears slowly thread: you feel Helene Fischer (34) left in the lurch! 12. January had to break the blow Queen with an emotional appearance at Ex-friend of Florian silver iron (36) in the ARD-Show “impact Champions” – the last gig before their announced. “In the last one and a half years ago, I had two great tours. Now I want to take my time, to be creative,” she said at the time.

“pissed off that you let us wait so long”

Four months have passed since then. And since then we have heard no more sound from the blonde. Total radio silence and in particular Social Media – and exactly blame her, the Fans now: In the comments of your last Posts, the angry messages of your followers are piling up. “Not even a greeting to Easter has Helene Fischer for all their Fans left,” the hump of a trailer. “As you can see, how much these are important,” railed another. To take to the stage for the time being, distance, yeah, okay, says another. To neglect “the Fans? Not at all!” Another one is “pissed off that you let us wait so long!”.

The first Fans to her already

the Other suspect even a career-Out of the singer. You’ve won already “enough money” will scoffed. Another complains: “whether your love life is a mess, but nothing more to hear. Or the career is finished?” Some distance themselves from their former Idol. “Images and posters from the walls, a data carrier disposed of or deleted, autograph cards, and memorabilia disposed of. So it is not the way to treat Fans!”, etching a disappointed Fan.

to The loyal among the Helene-trailers, the “Breathless”singer defend skin and hair. “She has some free time and need to post here anything. There is also a life away from Facebook and Instagram,” says a Fan. Another user writes: “I think Helene and Thomas are experiencing a very nice, intimate time.” This spent the two lovebirds, among other things, madly in love with Finland, Munich (D), in the South Tyrol and in South Africa, where they were spotted during a Holiday.

An official sign the singer to their huge fan base can be. (wyt)