Auction “at the stake” for the provision of land developers differs from the usual fact that the earth is under the promise to transfer some of the apartments in the future house. During the initial stage is not diverted funds developer land plot is leased at a minimal fixed cost.

“We are laying the requirements to the residential areas to the houses, the requirements to the input groups to make these areas look modern,” – said Filippov.

the Apartments, which will be transferred to the HOUSE.Russia, according to Filippov, the future can be used in programs providing rental housing to provide waiting list, preferential categories of citizens, for the resettlement of residents from dilapidated houses.

the First auction “at the stake” was held today in Vladivostok. Played out the right to enter into lease of land with an area of 2.7 hectares on the territory of Patroclus Bay. The winner was a company from Krasnodar. “Start price was 9% stake in the future of completed housing. The auction ended with a score of 12.7 per cent share,” – said Filippov.

By 2024, the HOUSE.Russia needs to be involved in the turnover for housing construction for more than 18 thousand hectares of land.