As noted in one of the large banks in every year his Department receives about 600 thousand heirs. They bring the paper certificate of inheritance and receive payment. The procedure can take over an hour.

Now in Moscow earned pilot project: the notary prepares the documents and submits it to the Bank electronically. Heirs receive the money on the card.

In the first phase the service is available to Moscow residents in a limited number of notary offices. The technology is fulfilled, in order then to extend it to the whole country. How to tell the experts, the precedent is already there. In one of the first things the heir got your card the money within an hour after the notary sent to the Bank via electronic channels, the documents together with the certificate of inheritance.

And in the future, the portal will appear superservis “loss of a loved one”. When the system is working, the heir will be able to make an appointment with the notary and faster to solve the issues related to probate.

Another problem that people face in practice: to find accounts of the deceased. Often in life people warn relatives that the money is hidden in the cell so-and-so Bank, opened the metal account of silver or palladium, etc. Even list it in the conventional accounts do not. How to be? Look for all this accounts for the notary. The new technology significantly facilitates the search. Notary recently launched another digital service: in probate accounts of people who have died, will look for them online. Now the system has one of the largest Russian banks in the future search network will be extended to other banks.

As emphasized in the Federal notarial chamber, the service is universal and can be applied for various credit institutions. What’s more, it allows determine the presence of a deceased person depersonalized metal accounts, custody accounts, safe Deposit boxes and other products of the credit institution. “That is the risk that some portion of inherited property will remain undetected, it will now be much less,” emphasize the PNP. The response of the Bank can be obtained for several hours after contacting the notary.

“the New digital services of the notary making the process of digitalization is not only convenient, but protected, – said the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik. – They guarantee the preservation of notarial secrecy, the protection of the rights of citizens, provide people with new opportunities, save their time and money. In this part of the successful cooperation of notaries and banks, as we see in this example, is a very important factor for the stability of the g��alanskogo of turnover.”

Ilya Radchenko, the Chairman of methodical Committee of FNP:

the Actual acceptance of the inheritance was invented in the extreme case, but fraught with many risks. You may receive some of the other heirs who will gain the inheritance, may be, in good faith, may be acting unfair. Only the formal acceptance of inheritance applying to the notary in time may be the guarantee of human rights.

the Law allows citizens in certain cases to enter into the inheritance, not turning to the notary. For example, relatives who lived with a man in one apartment, unable after his death to rewrite the housing itself. But in this case, the greedy relatives can cause a lot of problems.

the Reader “RG” told his sad legal story. Her mother and father lived happily married for 40 years. Dad died in March 2017. Mother and daughter did not apply for acceptance of inheritance notary. They believed that this was not necessary because the apartment and the cottage are decorated to the mother. Each other mom and daughter a good relationship, share anything will not be.

But the father had a son from his first marriage. He was considered a good man, trusted him. Financially it did not help, I lived my life. No human, no law, no rights to claim per square meter stepmother and half-sister he never had. The apartment at the time got a woman – the wife of his father – from the state. However, stepson stabbed in the back: secretly came to the notary and entered into the inheritance.

“he Made it clear three days before the end of the six-month period when the entry into the inheritance at the notary may, without the consent of the other heirs, told the reader “RG” Irina S. – without telling us of their intentions, although we met two months before. In the summer I usually flew to the cottage, and mom called him to the country to take my dad’s carpenter’s bench and tools. He stopped, but even though he was on a truck, the machine did not take, said that in a hurry. Just got daddy’s fishing net and finally with a smile hugged me and mom. Such a good Igor, whom we trust…”

he has since filed a lawsuit, demanding half the rent and half the garden. How much effort and nerves spent women on the process – is another story. Ultimately on property, the courts took the right decision. The apartment is for women, and the country stands stepson share: one-sixth.

Actually, this woman did not argue and even before all the dirty tricks of a relative offered him 200 thousand rubles in compensation for part of garden. For comparison: according to estimates, the value of its share as ordered by the court, is 120 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the courts concluded that women abused their rights, “because the plaintiff had not been timely granting��s information in relation to the apartment, which is the personal property of S. the Defendants appealed to the notary a statement on the issue of a certificate of inheritance within six months.”

That is, although they actually won the case, the bad side decided still. As a result, women in a few times to reduce of costs. And they after all settlement payments owed to his relative.

There is a rule that the losing party compensates the winner’s legal expenses. But if the claim is satisfied partially, court costs, the parties compensate each other proportionately. Because of the “bad faith” women’s financial bowl has swung in favor of the plaintiff. “Now the decisions of the courts and the requirements of the other hand we have to pay the other side almost 90 thousand of the costs of the representative. They owe us to pay 10 thousand”, – said the reader.

In fact women are stuck in a trap set by a family member. Advantages of a notary: it checks the inherited mass. Besides helping to determine the share of heirs in the inheritance. Also, the notary checks the status of the heirs.