saving The Best for last. Belinda Bencic bored already in Shenzhen, where you are prepared for the Sunday’s beginning WTA-Finals of the eight season best. The 22-Year-old is proud to be the Switzerland of the unofficial Tennis world Championships represented.

the objectives Bencic no. To be alone is for you is a huge joy. the relaxed Accordingly it wants to tackle the task. Well possible that this is the correct setting for the big Coup. A reason not to believe in it, it’s not, there is Heinz Günthardt (60) is convinced. And he should know. The SRF-expert knows Bencic for 10 years. He is your Captain in the Fed Cup and to trust everything to her.

“For women, you can a Grand a list with 30 game Slam to make, and maybe the winner is not the case. It was never more open than now, and Belinda is one of the Best,” says Günthardt. “She has several times proved this year that they can beat all. Therefore, your chances are just as good as the seven competitors. I wouldn’t put it past her the title absolutely.”

strength of Strong mentality and a bit of luck,

A great Bencic can help to victory, was their mentality. “Your Ability To Concentrate. That is really to the point willing, to deliver what it’s capable of,” says Günthardt. In addition, you have an “extremely good understanding of the game, it looks very good”.

The former tennis professional is impressed by Bencics performances this season. “She was very consistent. At the US Open, you could have the semi-final win. Three, four points made the difference. Who knows what would have happened in the Final.”

but There were also moments in which the Ostschweizerin was lucky. “She has won some Matches they should not win. For example, in Dubai, where she won the title,” explains the Zurich. This he considered as crucial in this season: “This tournament was the initial spark.”