Heidi Klum is many things: Model, successful businesswoman, object of hatred, mother, Instagram-Star, marriage, joyfully. What you didn’t know yet: Heidi is familiar with the medical intricacies.

“maybe that Could be a parasite?”, after drilled you in the current episode GNTM in the case of a candidate Vivian. Who had previously complained of severe abdominal pain.

she has been suffering for ten years including. Suspected Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

ProSieben / Richard Hübner Teleschau

The diagnosis of a physician assistant, Heidi Klum not impressed, however. Finally, they had suffered just under a parasite. “So a parasite can live forever in a”, painted the model mom of the suddenly very pale looking candidate is a horror scenario.

no Matter – you have at least contact to a specialist. The’ll get you an appointment for Vivian. Basta! The candidate took the delicate conversation with Humor: “I never thought that I exchange myself with Heidi Klum about my bowel movements,” she said, laughing.

ProSieben / Richard Hübner tele show

But that was not all: in the Evening the “Meeedchen lounged” on the Couch in their swanky Villa in the Hollywood Hills, as the bell rang at the door.

no one called “message”, as in “Bachelor” or “Love Island”, but all were curious what was in the gold and glittery packaging, which was addressed to Vivian.

ProSieben / Richard Hübner parasites-Alarm in the case of Dr. Klum! Heidi sends GNTM-candidate, in all Seriousness to the stool sample

“Oh, I know it!” waved to the grinning from. And indeed, The gift turned out to be a medical chair Set samples. To do this, Heidi had written himself a list with the best Regards. Text: “Success!”

With so much of the care is understandable envy on the way came when one or the other candidate: “I think no one has got in his life for such a glamorous Kacktest” could be heard a murmur.

ProSieben / Richard Hübner tele show of GNTM: “Shh… don’t say a supermodel!”

The Shooting was previously because almost beside the point: Although the only photographer, the ausnahsmlos all the candidate, celebrating inside of and own as a God, held the camera: Kristian Schuller.

The Setting was for his standards, but downright conservative: desert, white clothes and colorful color powder should provide for wacky images. Very important was that it was the color of icing to “environmental friendly Material”.

see you shot this post on Instagram to

tonight, in groups, in the California desert! The importance of group dynamics can be, will show up at the shoot… #GNTM Richard Hübner

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Heidi Klum, the approximately 80-stressed times in two minutes. “You could even eat, so of course it is.”

Very, of course, the Chicks expressed among the candidates, the 17-year-old Julia P: Sch…is one of your favorite words. Fits most of the time, just on the Set of GNTM: “I, the Julia must unlearn that which always says Sh…!”, nagged the model mom.

Then they rose in a Tirade against the rebellious youth: “This language nowadays – what are the knock everything always so out of it! That’s not actually a supermodel”, echauffierte the Klum.

Julia didn’t know what Heidi said (“I Say this so often?”), promised but immediately improvement. You should try it now but with a spirited “fuckin’ axe!”, advised a colleague.

look at the Models at the shoot had you open this post on Instagram to

Whether all the eyes? We see it at the latest at the Elimination! #GNTM Richard Hübner

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ProSieben / Richard Hübner tele show image: No photo for Johanna

candidate Lijana used to our knowledge hardly any expletives, but she already feels completely at home in Klum’s tough-vocabulary: “he Who is ambitious will be rewarded at the end of always”, “If the other schlecher, then I can stab out more”, etc. PP.

The message is clear: Shut up and smile – that’s your Job as a Model. That Klum has no doubt about it, she made this episode more than once clearly: “if you are not able to cover his own uncertainty, has no chances in the modeling business, and can dance the night away,” she said prior to the decision. ProSieben / Richard Hübner tele show

The 19-year-old Maribel had to, in all Seriousness, listen to: “On a photo you should be able to tell a story, and with you it is often sufficient not even for an introduction.”

Curve Model Johanna flies out of the

at the end of the Curvy Model Johanna retired, fit as perfectly into the standard image. You’ve dreamed of being a Curvy Model Germany’s next could be a top model – but, unfortunately, unfortunately, Johanna, have little self-awareness and, unfortunately, unfortunately, so no feeling for your body.

“I’m your biggest Fan, but you make me really sad,” piped the Klum goodbye, and to then put even more Pathos: “You don’t bring only your, but also my dream to Burst.” Are we talking about samples, perhaps, but better than a chair.

With these criteria to Doctors about life and death PCP With these criteria to Doctors will be released on life and death

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