in 2005, the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (28) and their Band colleagues Georg Listing (March 31) and Gustav Schäfer (30) Superstars. Alone with “Through the monsoon” were able to position themselves Tokio Hotel around the world at the top of the Charts. But that’s 14 years, and today, the interest in the Rock-Band is rather moderate.

Heidi Klum (45) would like to grab her fiance, Tom now, but apparently a little under the arms. The Model is made of the new Tokio Hotel Single “Melancholic Paradise” is short-hand for the title Song of their Casting-Show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. But that’s not enough. Again and again, she shares the song on her Instagram profile, is dancing about in a short Video for the title – of course always with a Link to “Melancholic Paradise” can buy.

“This Song is terrible”

But, with your enthusiasm, Klum is currently rather alone. Because even the Fans of Tokio Hotel can the new Single isn’t much good to gain. “What a disappointment”, makes a Fan in the Youtube comments to her Anger. “This Song is terrible,” railed another. Some resent the fact that you can see in the accompanying music video only Tom and Bill, and others find that the ‘ 80s Sound have nothing to do with Tokio Hotel. “Melancholic Paradise” was also nowhere in the Charts, currently the Youtube Video for this, only 236’000 Views. For comparison: By the monsoon 16 million times was clicked.

Also in the ticket sales of the Band’s bitter. In April, Tokio Hotel go on a big tour of Europe. But there is still a for each date Tickets, the Band could stay no hall for sale. And although the musicians are avoided according to the “Closer” extra in a smaller Club.

Whether because Heidi Klum can really teach something? In the introduction to their broadcast to millions of viewers hear it back Tokio Hotel. And maybe the one or the other “GNTM”-Fan buys after that, a Ticket for a concert. (klm)