Heidi Frederikke Sigdals own tailor-made recipe for a healthy life consists of ingredients like running, havdyp and activities together with the children – and pancakes!

What is health for you?

“For me, health is very individual. There is no doubt that certain food and exercise is healthy, but there are soon as many experts, recipes and ‘rules’ in relation to health, so I think it is crucial that you will find his very own way. I have the best, when I’m in good shape and can run 10 kilometres without getting tired. I like to eat healthy, but I also believe that there should be room for candy, ice cream, pancakes, and a burger. Health is for me also to do things that makes me happy, to have fun and do it, that gives me good energy, and to spend time with the people I love the most.”

How do you keep yourself in shape?

“I love to be active with my kids, I run, and I love to jump in the sea all year round. In the years I have also promised myself that I must get back on racercyklen.”

Has your health changed?

“as I have grown older, my relationship to the bodily health is changed. I have been more conscious about what means something to me, and far wiser, when I feel healthy. I have now made my own recipe and listens very much to what my body and my heart tells me.”

How do you give yourself the best start to the day?

“Breakfast with my children. It can be everything from rye bread, skyr, oatmeal, or eggs and avocado, and always with plenty of water – preferably with lemon in. Optimally when I a quick jog, when I have handed them, before I go to work.”

Your best tip?

“You should listen to yourself and be aware of the signals one’s body and heart are sending. It’s no use, that one is on one or the other diet or four different workouts, if you do it out of duty.”