started In Moscow. Thanks to her, the trees appear fantastic characters and beautiful drawings that are pleasing to residents.

the First event was held in the year 2016, then it involved the natural and historical Park “Kosinsky” and Izmailovskiy Park, parks Kuskovo and Terletsky. This season the event will cover: it will join the Park “Kuzminki-Lublin”, the Museum-reserve Tsaritsyno, Park Moskvoretsky natural-historical Park “Tushinsky”, nature reserves “altufievsky”, “Lianozovo” and “Medvedkovsky” and Arkhangelskoye estate-Tyurikovo.

how was born the campaign “Parkart” and how beautiful drawings help to save trees told artists and environmentalists.

the images are not only an aesthetic function — they help protect the affected trees from destruction. Artists draw only on those trees, which under the influence of external factors formed morozovoy — hollows or sections of trunk without bark.

the Emergence of new patterns preceded by much work. Every year with the onset of spring in the parks conduct an inventory of experts inspect the trees, looking for cracks from frost, hollows and bare patches. Damage cleaned with sandpaper and disinfected, cover the “wounds” waterproof primer — it does not allow to penetrate inside the disputes of fungi, bacteria and parasites. Protective layer that prolongs the life of trees, makes them rot and collapse.

In place of the “wound” there is a white smooth surface is a real canvas which is begging to be painted. It was only a matter of time, to that possibility drew the attention of the artists.

the head of the Department of environmental education and registration of animals of the Directorate of natural areas “Izmailovo” and “Kosinski” Yulia Nefedova recalls how in 2016 was born the campaign “Parkart”.

animator Eugene Hlynina at first did not dare to paint in the trees. But one day I saw an article online about a Chinese girl who was doing it.

“the first time I went to paint in the Park without permission. Fortunately, the administration was able to find me through the Internet. I was allowed to draw and told how to handle the wood before painting. First you need to handle monosabio a special protective structure and then apply the pattern. So I did,” recalls the artist.

One of the first drawings was the hero of the “Hedgehog in the fog”.

the Artist notes that people like her drawings — some are suitable, praise, ask, what colors she uses, when and why started to draw.

“it’s hard to explain what motivates me to do it. I think I, like every artist, just feel the need to bring joy to people, to give their creativity. Want to do something beautiful, h��Oba people looked and smiled,” — said Eugene.

Mospeada have prepared a virtual tour of the forest Park Terletskogo

to participate in the action “Parkart” does not have to be a professional artist. The main thing — the desire to paint and share beautiful. Ecologist and Amateur artist Olga Novikova joined the campaign in 2018 — saw in Instagram with a call to participate in the project and sent the sketches of their works. The organizers liked them.

Olga believes that, the main thing — to reveal: “I am inspired by absolutely everything. For example, I’m an early riser, love to look at the rising sun. As my grandpa used to say, “the sunrise is beautiful, it can not sleep””.

Now Mospeada is accepting applications from volunteers-artists willing to join the campaign. You can apply until the end of September. To become a member you need to send sketches by email, using the subject line: “Application for participation in the action “Parkart””. If the organizers like it, the artists choose a tree and begin to draw.

draw a picture of summer and autumn. They are completely safe and do not violate the structure of the trees and create another protective layer. Further varnish — so it lasts longer.

in 2016 in the framework of “Parkart” — landscapes, images of animals, elves, birds and reproductions of the works of Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Rene Magritte, Gustav Klimt.

Drawings became so much that people are asked to map and project plans to create it.

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