the Fire department is still massively present on Paul Bergsøes Way in Glostrup, after that Tuesday afternoon and went fire in a skrotoplag.

this was stated by The Copenhagen Preparedness to B. T.

“We’re still out there, and that we’re going to do in a few hours yet. Such scrap metal can be a little difficult to turn off, so we are still in time with,” says officer Michael Jonsen.

And even though the fire department was prepared for it, so they have been extra challenged by that of the wind along the way is reversed.

“We need to put some tubing on and place some vehicles in other places because of the wind,” explains the officer.

It remains to be seen, what is the reason for the strong brand.

the Copenhagen emergency Preparedness informs, however, that immediately are no reports of injuries.

And even though they expect to work some hours yet, so it remains difficult to say when the fire is finally extinguished.

“It’s hard to say, but we expect to be finished first on the night, if all goes well,” says Michael Jonsen.

Earlier in the day led to the sharp brand in the fierce fumes.

It meant, among other things, that the speed limit on the nearby highway was set up, because the smoke came in over the road.

Also has emergency response team East on Tuesday evening on Twitter indicated that they are able to assist the Capital’s Preparedness in connection with the extinguished of the fire.