The Council of States says ” Yes ” to the gentle oil heating exit: From 2023 to apply to existing buildings, the heating needs to be replaced, a CO2-limit value. The Limit is set so that in the future Oil and gas heaters and more can be installed (LOOK told).

For home owners this means: do you Want to in the future, a new heating system, you need to look for alternative systems. But what are the options for the oil heater there and how expensive are they? A VIEW provides an Overview for a single-family house with around 20,000 kilowatt hours of heat demand per year. Based on data of the Central Swiss power stations (CKW) are. This is the Portal energy hero, according to its own figures, the leading Swiss consulting firm for energy-related building renovation.

heat pump

works : The heat pump is basically a fridge in reverse. A refrigerant with a low boiling point absorbs heat from the surrounding air or the ground. Compressed by a pump, is delivered to the heat in the condenser and becomes liquid again.

l cost you: The air-to-water heat pump (takes heat from the surrounding air) and the geothermal heat pump (takes heat from the ground) work the same. The price, however, there are significant differences.

purchase and Installation of an air-to-water heat pump costs between 29’000 and 42’000 Swiss francs. For relatively low maintenance with annual 250 francs costs. The operating cost per year to 1000 francs.

In the purchase of a geothermal heat pump much more expensive: 43’000 to 65’000 Swiss francs. Also, the maintenance costs of 250 Swiss francs per year and the energy costs will amount to 900 francs.

wood heating:

wood is burned and heat is produced. Positive: the wood is CO2-neutral. When you Grow just as much CO2 is bound, as in the case of combustion or decomposition process is released.

here it is important to distinguish between different models. So you can decide between a wood chip heating system or a Pellet heater.

Both heating costs on the purchase and the installation of between 30’000 and 40’000 Swiss francs. Also, the annual maintenance cost of 350 to 450 francs a similar. Only in the case of energy costs, there are differences: The family pays for the wood chip heating 1000 francs a year, while you must shell out in the case of the Pellet-heating with 2000 Swiss francs, exactly Double.


In the classic oil heating oil is burned. In the process, CO2 is produced – from 2023 to much for the Council of States proposed Directive.

According to the Portal, energy hero, you have to pay for the purchase and installation of between 18’500 and 30’000 Swiss francs. Annual maintenance and energy costs. Maintenance costs amount to approximately 650 Swiss francs, while the family has to pay in this example is 2200 francs for the operation – at an Oil price of 83 Swiss francs for 100 litres.


Analog to the Oil heaters is burned in this Gas System, which generates heat. New gas heating systems can no longer be built starting in 2023, because they exceed the limit.

With 14’000 to 27’500 Swiss francs purchase price, including the installation are gas heaters in General, a little cheaper than Oil heaters. The maintenance cost of 650 francs all the same. Lower the price for the operation is: Annual 1600 francs to stand there for the family.

What is the cheapest?

has a major role in cost accounting, with an average heating system lifetime of 15 years, one comes to this result: An oil heater costs a family every year, between 4268 and 5250 francs. Gas heaters are cheaper. The actual cost per year amount as on 3323 up to 4358 CHF.

The alternative air-to-water heat pump will cost the home owner a year 3473 to 4470 Swiss francs. Much more expensive a geothermal energy comes to pump: 4447 to 6133 francs. A wood chip heating costs annually 3750 to 4517 Swiss francs. The second wood-possibility of the Pellet heater, is 4750 to 5517 Swiss franc was a little more expensive.

HEV is critical

The Figures show: A switch from an oil heating system to an alternative System does not force the owners of the house usually to grab deeper into the wallet. Nevertheless, the Swiss homeowners Association (HEV) is the opposite of the proposal of the Council of States is critical. “The triggers massive Increases in the cost of living costs for the whole population,” he writes in a media release.

“to replace An oil heating system by another type of heating, comes over all, much more expensive, than in a new building installed” is HEV-Director Markus Meier (57) securely. In order to escape, would the owners of the house only the Chance to renovate her house in order to comply with the new guidelines. Andreas Uthmann (46) of the CHCS, however, says: “For home owners with amortized Oil heaters worth it most of the time today, switch to more environmentally friendly models.”