In Switzerland there arms are no legal regulations for the clothing of the Vehicle. In principle, Yes, unless someone feels disturbed: nudity is not prohibited in itself if you are motivated sexually, or actively an exhibitionist. However, almost all cantons have laws that prohibit “indecent” appearance in Public. In practice, it boils down to: Interfere with someone on it, it might be a buses. And when Driving, the following applies: at Least appropriate footwear should be.

Barefoot non-sanctioned ride, just like Driving with Flip-Flops or High Heels – but it comes to an accident and the investigators come to the conclusion that the Crash with the suitable footwear could have been avoided, there is, except a fine or criminal proceedings, may ID, withdrawal, and problems with the insurance: The car insurance may take recourse to reduce the insurance benefits. Because according to article 31 of the road traffic act, you must be in vehicle at all times dominate. Barefoot or with Slippers slips quickly from the brake pedal. The feet should get only after the travel of the heat.

of Course, and in the case of an accident or a emergency braking, the belt can then cause wounds and burns cut on the bare skin. We recommend below-the-line a minimum of clothing, and in any case, suitable footwear!