Hearing of corruption cases against Netanyahu postponed due to coronavirus

In Israel, just two days before the scheduled date postponed for more than two months of the commencement of the hearing in three corruption cases, a defendant whom is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The reason was limitations in the work of the courts, introduced due to the outbreak in Israel coronavirus infection.

In January, the indictment against Netanyahu presented the Israeli attorney-General avihai Mandelblit. He accuses Prime Minister of taking bribes in the so-called case “4000”, the essence of which is lobbying the country’s largest telecommunications group “Bezeq” in exchange for a positive attitude to Netanyahu on the popular Israeli Internet portal “Walla!”.

Also charged in cases of “2000” and “1000”. Case “2000” refers to attempts by Netanyahu to negotiate with the owner of a large media group about the favorable coverage of the government.

Case “1000” to receive Netanyahu expensive gifts from producer Arnon of Milchina — in particular, exclusive cigars and champagne. According to the investigation, the Israeli Prime Minister in exchange for gifts lobbied personal and business interests of the oligarchs.

According to the newspaper The Times of Israel, the beginning of the hearings Netanyahu postponed from March 17 to may 24.

yesterday evening, the Minister of justice Amir Ohana announced the transition of the judicial system of the country to work in emergency mode for the next 24 hours due to the coronavirus. Sunday, March 15, the Minister intends to assess the situation and decide how to move forward.

the cases almost frozen, the hearings will be held only in urgent cases — for example, issuing warrants of arrest and administrative detention, and violations of the law about the emergency situation.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus COVID-19 in Israel on Sunday morning has grown to 200 people. The status of two cases is assessed as seriouslyth, 11 — moderately serious, and others are observed only mild symptoms of the disease.

Meanwhile, nearly 40 thousand Israelis are in quarantine, including nearly a thousand doctors, 600 nurses, 170 paramedics and 80 pharmacists. According to the Israeli Ministry of health, throughout the country conducted more than 6,800 tests for coronavirus.