Healthy Russians will be able to pass a test for coronavirus, promised in the government

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova the Laboratory in this case, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova
the Russian Government / YouTube Lab at the same time “will use methods that do not presuppose the allocation of the causative agent”
the Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow

the Russians are no signs of a cold and not exposed to diseased coronavirus can be checked for the presence of this virus in specialized laboratories, said the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova.

At the meeting of the government coordination Council on combating the spread of the coronavirus, she said that she prepared a resolution on the supply of test systems in all regions of Russia, ready to take these tests to work “in the laboratories of the third and fourth groups of pathogenicity”, reports “Interfax”.

the Lab at the same time “will use methods that do not presuppose the allocation of the causative agent”. The regions should obtain the consent of personnel to work with these test systems, she added.

“We believe that these laboratories will be the testing of the willing persons who want to establish the absence or presence of diagnosis. But they should not have signs of colds and to be contact with sick new coronaviruses infection. We want our citizens have received the possibility of such testing to reassure themselves and their loved ones that they have no such disease,” – said Golikova.

meanwhile in Saint-Petersburg in clinics since March 16, everyone is free to be tested for coronavirus COVID-19, reported the press service of the Committee on health. In the analysis of a swab taken from the nasopharynx.

take the Tests in all adult and children’s polyclinics of Vasileostrovsky, Kolpino, Moscow, Nevsky, seaside, Pushkin, Frunze and Central regions. In other districts also have at least one institution, where to get tested, officials said.

However, not all medical institutions of St. Petersburg Smolny from the published list know that I have to take everyone tests for coronavirus. In polyclinic # 52 of the Vyborg district and 32 N of the Petrograd district “Fontanka” on March 16, has denied the information about the possibility to pass the tests.

In the clinic, located on Lomonosova street in the village of Pargolovo, on the statement of the correspondent about the desire to be tested for coronavirus, said: “we have No testing,” and hung up. The medical establishment of the Petrograd district in Vyazemsky pereulok politely explained that they don’t know how I got the list, and explained that to be tested for the coronavirus in the hospital. Botkin.

In the Central district the address: Marshala Zakharova, 16, clinic N 106. This is the address of the Cabinet of General practitioners, who have not even opened. In the clinic, just screaming into the phone that did not take and all need to go to the hospital name Botkin.

Later in the Smolny said that work on the testing for coronavirus will begin on March 17, and the number of medical institutions was is incorrect.

“Fontanka” wrote earlier that private hospitals can’t do tests for coronavirus, a monopoly in this area holds the CPS. However, the Department argued that to cope with the influx of wanting to get tested.

“the Laboratory has all the necessary reagents, test systems and equipment. Everyone is welcome to attend clinics at the place of residence. Nothing terrible happens. On the contrary, the city cares, enables examination”, – said the head of the St. Petersburg laboratory of especially dangerous and virological studies of the CPS Konstantin Agapov. According to him, the laboratory works in the strengthened mode. A day specialists treated more than a thousand tests for coronavirus.

Agapov added that the laboratory is automated and is able to cope with the excessive flow analyses.

At the end of last week the CPS announced that on March 14, Russia had conducted 94 800 tests for coronavirus. The Ministry also said that the Russian diagnostic systems yield results in two to four hours after the delivery stroke. Kits based on molecular-genetic method of investigation (the so-called polymerase chain reaction, PCR).