Everybody knows a family that always seems to do everything together, including working out.  In fact, this family actually comes across as being the fittest family in the entire neighborhood.  They not only eat extremely healthy on a regular basis, but they are always staying active together and the only thing that they ever seem to eat for dessert is fresh fruit.  With that being said, you are always saying to yourself how you would very much love to simply channel their mojo so that you can be just like them.  On the other hand, every time you think about only eating kale as your main entrée, you get sick to your stomach.

The truth of the matter is, setting your family up to eat healthier and start becoming more active is actually going to be much easier than you would ever even think.  With that being said, here are some of the easiest tips and tricks that you can start incorporating today, to help make your family and yourself much healthier and much more active. 

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Just remember that it is not about giving up everything that you love to do and eat, but rather making some simple tweaks to what you are already currently doing.  So essentially, you are not going to be completely overhauling all of your current habits.  So, before you get started on these very simple changes, keep in mind that you are not quitting anything that you already love, but rather tweaking it so that you can start incorporating healthier alternatives as well.

Try to Get Outside and Play Together

There is no arguing that one of the very best ways that you and your family can start getting into better shape is going to be by getting outside and doing some type of physical activity.  When it comes to your children, they are going to require some type of physical activity, but as an adult, you are going to require a bare minimum of at least four days of activity per week.  While you don’t have to go out and start running marathons every weekend, you could start walking your dog for a minimum of 30 minutes every day or something like that. 

Just keep in mind that in this day and age with all of the technology that is available to your children, they should put all that down and get out and play for at least an hour per day.  Another great idea is to start making family trips to the beach, family hikes, or even just family fun time outside.  This way you will not only be getting your activity in, but you will also be bonding as a family as well.

When it comes to your family and becoming healthier, activity is going to be the key to your family’s success.  By simply shutting down any technology and getting outside to do things as a family, you will not only be helping your family become healthier, but to also become closer as well.