walking keeps you fit – both physically and emotionally. The fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery help you to escape the stress of everyday life and clear my head. In combination with the uniform motion, which will be exercised when you to go to the mountains, many positive health effects. So it’s time to lace up again the Hiking boots to feel the nature and to enjoy the view.

1. Good for the circulatory System

you Go regularly Hiking, it has a positive impact on your stamina. Your pulse and blood pressure are lowered, and the blood flows better. If you are struggling with a high cholesterol and bad fat levels in the blood, which can counteract these problems with Hiking.

2. Good for the immune system

By the regular movement of the body can eliminate harmful cells and his own immune cells to better mobilize. The entire immune system is trained. Thus, diligent hikers are sick less and not as prone to infection diseases.

3. Good against Obesity

a Sport that can exercise each of is Hiking. Also, people with a slight Overweight can lead to easy walks and thus your endurance will slowly increase. Is regularly moved, this also helps to lose body weight. It means that the amount of air to curb the appetite and thus lose weight is to help.

4. Good for bones and joints

Through the Hiking of the leg muscles will be strengthened, which relieves, in turn, the knees and the hips. In General, it is prevented by regular movement, posture, as well as the back and abdominal muscles to be more pronounced to be. Joints are supplied with important nutrients that do not in turn help you to be porous.

5. Good for the metabolism

diabetics must note the time, and when long-lasting: to run Longer and easier, is better for you than loads of short and high-intensity exercise. By walking can reverse insulin resistance, and Diabetes risk is reduced.

6. Good for the brain

Not only the physical Fitness is happy about wall units, also the head of benefits of excursions in the mountains. The fresh air and the intense movement for a better blood flow to the brain, which promotes the efficiency. Also, walks are intended to prevent in the nature of a later disease to dementia.

7. Good for the soul

Long-lasting Go of Stress is reduced, helps shut down, lifts the mood and acts as an antidepressant. Hiking can be a true miracle cure for the Psyche! Just looking at a landscape image, the pulse and the blood pressure is lowered. In addition, the release of stress hormones such as Cortisol are reduced. To move in nature, not only relaxes, but also a distraction from negative thoughts. Hormones such as Serotonin, are increasingly distributed and thus elicit feelings of happiness.

8. Regularly regularly

if you want to experience all these positive effects, but must also go regularly to the mountain. A minimum of two sessions per week, in each of which 30 to 45 minutes is clothed, are necessary in order to promote the health. Less movement takes place, can offset the positive effects again.

Finally, a watered-down variant can, however, implement: Walking! Fast to Go without strolling step can be carried out in all places, and finally, with the wall units every couple of weeks to be completed.

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