Lauren Fulbrooks five-year-old son, Alfie, is usually a absolutely healthy boy.

But right now going through the british family, what must be something of a nightmare, after Alfie has been hit by the coronavirus. It says she is now in a Facebook-posting, there is ended up with to go viral.

Here shares the 30-year-old mother of two, her experience of recent days, which started so dramatically, when her little son was rushed to the hospital after the bad symptoms and was eventually found to be contaminated with covid-19.

She gives at the same time also a challenge for those who do not take the disease seriously.

‘Coronavirus is NOT a joke. Please don’t sweep it under the carpet and risking not just your own life, but of all others, just because you would like on the bar, in a restaurant or think you need seven or 24 toilet rolls. As a covid-19-the household so I have seen the consequences,’ she starts looking for.

A lookup, which has been shared more than 53,000 times. the See the entire spread in the bottom of the article.

She tells, among other things, how her son was initially rejected at the hospital because they do not have the resources, but since the symptoms subsequently became worse, he was picked up by an ambulance.

‘I have seen my five-year-old son go from having all sorts of energy not to move, not eat, barely drink, and pee. His temperature would not under 40, and at its peak was the 42,3, which caused vomiting. I have seen him hallucinate and cry of the headache, be rushed to the hospital to come in isolation and tested for the virus and confirmed positive.’

Lauren Fulbrook writes on how in particular, there was one episode, there probably will always sit in the body on her. It was when little Alfie was lying in the hospital bed and fremstammede the words:

“Mother, must I die?”

At the hospital, both mother and son in isolation, while the five-year-old Alfie, among other things, fever-reducing medication and liquid.

The 30-year-old mother joins the cast of to encourage all to be within and respect the recommendations that have been announced.

‘Be sweet to be inside. Never mind that you can’t do everything you usually do, the sooner everyone keeps distance, the sooner it’s all over. I’m not writing this to get attention or sympathy, I would have done it the day he became ill. I just want that all is okay. Please think of your health and that of others.’

In a later update have Lauren Fulbrook thanks for the many supportive messages that have flooded in, after she has shared the advertisement. In addition, she tells the glad news that her son now is in recovery.

She also stresses that she did the lookup to do any either acidic or bored of it, but to get everyone to understand how important it is to isolate themselves.

You can follow the latest developments on the coronavirussen in Denmark and in the rest of the world in B. T.’s liveblog by clicking HERE.