Our work days are long and exhausting. Often we don’t take the time to take care of healthy eating, we have to finally think of so much else. Also in the evenings, a quick meal out of the microwave is easier than a meal that you must prepare for a long yourself. Meal Prepping is the perfect solution.

What Prepping is Meal?

The concept is simple: pre-cook, to work along and healthy, well-balanced meals to enjoy. There are different ways of the week to prepare. Either one prepares two or three dishes of which you eat a number of times, or to prepare individual foods and makes every day in five minutes a different combination. All the meals can be prepared – whether it’s Breakfast, lunch or a Snack.

The following four things are a part of the Meal Prepping larger dishes it is always.

proteins: chicken, salmon, Tofu, chickpeas, etc. vegetables: oven-roasted, steam-cooked, raw or a combination thereof. the thickness: rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lentils, Quinoa, etc. Snacks: Hummus, various Dips, nuts, dried fruits, etc.

best of all, if you choose from each category with several items and its own menu together. The following recipes serve as Inspiration.

Overnight Oats (2 servings) ingredients 2 dlMilch125 ggriechisches Joghurt2 to 3 ELflüssiger Honig½ PäckchenVanillezucker80 gHaferflockennach taste of nuts, fruits, seeds

milk with honey, yoghurt and vanilla sugar in a bowl and stir well.The oatmeal add.In two jars, and the night closed in the fridge.The next Morning, with fruits, nuts and seeds your choice of garnish. the sweet potato fries ingredients 1grosse Süsskartoffel1 ELMehl

preheat oven to 200 degrees.Sweet potato peel and cut into small strips. About ten minutes in boiling water.Drain the water and then the strip with a little sprinkle with flour and bake for 20-25 minutes. the Protein Bowl (4 servings) ingredients 800 gfester Tofu400 gKichererbsen from the Dose1 ELKokosöl1 TLPaprikapulver200 gSpargelEtwasSalzEtwas pepper

heat A large pan over medium heat, add the chickpeas and asparagus in coconut oil for about eight minutes to fry. In pieces of sliced Tofu, add another three minutes to fry. Regularly stir so that nothing burns.Season with salt, pepper and Paprika seasoning, and a further two minutes to brown. the Avocado Dip ingredients 2 small avocado lemon juice salt peel, a little pepper, a little chili

Avocados and the fruit meat in a container with a high edge to enter.Lemon juice, salt, pepper and chilli to taste, add to soup and puree together. the vegetable stalks and Hummus (Snacks for several days) ingredients 4Karotten1Gurke250 gKichererbsen from the Dose1 ELOlivenöl2 ELSesampaste (tahini)2 ELWasser½ TLSalz1 BundBasilikum2 ELLimettensaft1Knoblauchzehe1 elolivenöl little pepper

chickpeas, drain well, and with the rest of the ingredients to a fine puree.Lime juice, Basil and garlic finely and mix in.Oil drizzle.Carrots and cucumber in a stem cutting and store in the refrigerator. The Hummus as a Dip use.

onions> Quinoa with vegetables (4 servings) ingredients 2rote Zwiebeln400 gbraune Champignons2Zucchetti100 gCherrytomaten½ BundThymian2 ELOlivenöl400 gQuinoa6 dlGemüsebouillon50 gSalatspinat or spinach, a little salt, finely cut. Mushrooms cut into slices. Zucchini cut in half and diagonally cut into slices. Tomatoes cut in half. Thyme-pick the leaves, some to garnish on the side.Mushrooms and onions in the olive oil sauté. Quinoa and sauté. Then bouillon Vegetable type. Bring to a boil and thyme leaves, add to soup. Cover and leave for ten minutes to simmer.Reduce heat and courgettes, mix well, then five minutes sources. Tomatoes and salad mix spinach including.Season with salt and pepper season to taste. the chicken-vegetable Skewers with Tzatziki (serves 4)

ingredients Zaziki1Gurke360 gNature-Joghurt1 to 2 ELPfefferminze Spiesse500 gPouletbrüstchen2rote Zwiebeln1 to 2 (about 500 g), peel the yellow and red Peperoni6 to 12Tranchen Bratspeck6 to 12DattelnEtwasBratbutterEtwasSalzetwaspfeffer

cucumber, remove seeds and cut into small cubes. Cubes in a colander, squeeze and drain. Chicken breast cut into cubes. Cut the onion into slices. Peppers into bite-sized pieces. Dates, remove seeds and bacon wrap. Everything on a skewer stick.The Skewers for 10 to 15 minutes to fry. To taste with salt and pepper. Oven vegetable, choice ingredients of vegetables

miscellaneous vegetables at 180 degrees convection bake in the oven.Towards the end of the baking time is important to keep an eye on it, because not all vegetables need the same length, until they are soft.

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