“you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency” – this is the sentence many have heard of the doctor. Most patients don’t know, though, what is this Vitamin supposed to be good, and why you need it at all. So much can be revealed once you need it, because it’s important!

What do we need Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is involved in various processes of the body. It is particularly important for the nervous system, the formation of red blood cells and genetic material, cell growth, and cell division and absorption of folic acid into the cells. Thus, Vitamin B12 has a strong impact on the performance and metabolism.

What are the symptoms of a deficiency?

A deficiency in the Affected by sleep disorders, dizziness, depression, difficulty in concentration, muscle weakness with cramps, or even memory loss is noticeable. This can affect the energy and focus strong.

How to make Vitamin B12?

This Vitamin is not produced by the body and is taken therefore, the easiest way to through the consumption of meat and fish. Foods such as eggs and dairy products provide a medium content, and plant foods contain no Vitamin B12. Only exception: algae such as Spirulina or Chlorella.

What is vegetarians and Vegans do?

If you eat a predominantly plant-based, should it retain its Vitamin B12 content is always in the eye. However, you can take through supplements or certain toothpaste in addition to Vitamin B12.

How much Vitamin B12 you need on a daily basis?

The recommendation for daily intake is 2.5 to 6 micrograms. In the following foods about 3 micrograms of Vitamin B12:

40 g Lachs100 g Emmentaler200 g Salami200 g Ei300 g Quark300 g of Mozzarella when stuck in a lack?

Fortunately, is one Vitamin B12, one of the few vitamins that can be stored in the body. As inventories keep about three to five years. However, you may have a fault in the intake or utilization of Vitamin B12, and thus, the risk of deficiency is increased. A bowel disease may be the cause of a defect.

What are you supposed to counter a lack of business?

you Should have concerns, it’s just a simple blood test at the doctor to determine whether you have a deficiency. This is indeed the case, can be injection molding, the lack of Vitamin B12 or tablets fixed.