With just a few clicks, you has logged on and is ready for the big duel of the peoples. Because of the Fitness competition of the Swiss company Visionarity is more than a mere comparison, who has made more steps.

Visionarity is a Online game with the aim that each participant moves more playful and without spasm. Important: for good results, everyone can Participate, whether he is now a super-athlete or movement of the muffle.

a VIEW has been able to test the platform-exclusive. Two dozen-editors have logged in and during about four weeks in Teams of four measured.

The Fitness-competitions progressively more complex

And so Visionarity works: anyone can Participate using a Smartphone. As the base, a step counter is used, and does not increase the accuracy of the results, if you recorded the steps with the phone, but with a fitness bracelet or Smartwatch.

The health Game is built step-by-step, on the basis of a Story on the development of peoples on all continents. The game is set in each of the four parts of the complex.

First, there are simple competitions, closely related to the daily number of steps bound. After that, other factors. You score points by answering questions about their own health or in the case of a Quiz, be a part of.

Also badges bring forward. There’s about 3000 steps, about noon, a 20-percent step-growth compared to the previous Challenge, or if it participates actively in the Forum. The further one progresses in the Levels, the more important it is to achieve the right badge at the right time.

Also, movement points can muffle and so on.

LOOK motivated, has completed the fourth and final Quest in Europe during four weeks, where you compete in Teams against each other Here you have to build, together in each Level of the building. With enough steps, or badges. In Level 4 it needs for the Farm, about six Times the badge of the “Breakfast Club” – the group receives, if at least five members of the team to achieve 9 at 3000 steps.

The Fascinating thing is, Everyone who takes part will automatically move more. Without enormous additional effort. Take the stairs instead of the Lift and a bus stop gets on the Bus or Tram earlier. Yes, not a few of the participants get into a competitive fever, and look at exactly what tasks are to be fulfilled.

however, it is Important that all those who can successfully participate, initially motivated perhaps only moderately. Because to win a lot of points there also, if you improve on a deep level, or regularly involved.

different types can play together. Even if someone does not do anything, it hurts the group, not too strong. This is one of the biggest Strengths of the platform.

health platform of Swisscom

There are still some points to be improved in the Expansion of Visionarity. The User with a keep track of at the moment, the whole story behind the Challenge on the Computer. The App is only fragmentary experience.

otherwise, the App still needs some fine-tuning, much of it is on the website simpler and easier to reach. But this work is done in the next few months, guaranteed.

Because the Swiss company took over last year, the health platform Healthi of the Swisscom. The Fitness Game is now integrated there. The idea is that companies should be able to use a complete package. Editorial content on health topics, company-specific information about sports courses or Fitness-Offered and then the big Visionarity-game.

Swisscom, for example, is a customer of Visionarity. But also, the pharmacy network Toppharm or the health insurance provider, Swica, which use the platform for the customers. At least a part of the competitions you don’t count that in the future steps only for their own health, but can also win prizes.

Suddenly you make 10’000 instead of 6000 steps per day

The approach of Visionarity is fascinating, especially if you experienced, how someone else makes 6000 to 7000 steps in a day, suddenly, weeks 10’000 and more – no that he puts his life on the head.

“Gamification” is the name of this Trend in the field of health. With playful approaches to have someone to move, to move more. Health insurance companies, but also all the institutions that deal with prevention, are very interested in such concepts.

so Far, practical applications, such as the activity competitions about the Apple Watch is limited to a rather simple comparison, who has made more steps per day. The Swiss approach is considerably more complex and also involves the different conditions of the participants.