The number of measles cases in Germany has risen since the beginning of the year. 2019 were previously covered with 160 measles-diseases three times as many cases as in the previous year, with 54 diseases. Two men have died from the effects of the disease. It is the first measles-related deaths since 2009!

The goal of the Federal government, the elimination of the disease. Required Coverage of 95 percent, according to the Federal office for health (BAG). But Switzerland is still far. According to the current Numbers are vaccinated, the two-year-old children in Switzerland, 87 percent with the two necessary doses. In the case of the 16-Year-old is 92 percent.

health system exploited

Now politicians are calling for further efforts: “anyone Who does not vaccinate his children, is anti-social,” says CVP-health politician, Ruth Humbel (61). Such people would ignore scientific evidence and, in the case of a disease very selfish of the good Swiss health system benefit.

Therefore, a Sensitivity to demands that “the Federal government is considering a compulsory vaccination to a fine system, provided that the desired vaccination Coverage levels of 95 percent is not achieved soon.”

But not only that, but Also a higher financial contribution to the cost of treatment for non-vaccinated persons should be tested, Humbel. Because opponents would accept that other people are sick. Especially the national Council, it is disturbing that Switzerland measles cases could also be export – in poorer countries, where health care is poor, and measles very drastically.

“There is no right for someone to infect,” says Lorenz Hess (57). The BDP-health policy-makers is to submit due to the rise in diseases in the Parliament with a proposal by the Federal Council answers, and how he intended to achieve the desired vaccination Coverage levels of 95 percent.

For Hess is already clear that the current vaccination is sufficient, the highly contagious eliminate the disease in this country. “It takes perhaps a compulsory vaccination,” says Berner. Really force can’t, but a Mandatory Sanctions would increase the immunization Coverage once again, believes Hess.

“An effective measure would be income-dependent busses for those parents whose children are not vaccinated at school entry.” A compulsory vaccination in France, Italy and some Eastern countries has introduced about. Germany also discussed a Mandatory velvet buses.

For Yvonne Feri (53) is a detailed examination of opportunities and risks in comparison with other vaccinations nothing in the way of how the SP-health politician says. “I think a compulsory vaccination, but only the second-best solution. Important greater education so that the people are about the dangers in the Clear.”

a Majority unclear

Whether or not a compulsory vaccination in the Parliament majority, can hardly be predicted. Generally speaking, no party is Vaccination a political issue. In all parties there are both skeptics and supporters. Also in the SVP. “Our group is at the present time a large majority against compulsory vaccination,” says group chief Thomas Aeschi (40), sits by itself in the health Commission.

From a compulsory vaccination will know the BAG isn’t (yet). It has, however, already reacted and recommends that since the beginning of the year, to begin in young children even earlier with the measles vaccination.

“From 2019, is the 1. Dose of vaccine against measles, Mumps and rubella (MMR) for all infants at the age of 9 months and 2. Dose with 12 months”, hiesst it in a BAG-document. So far, the recommendation for 12 months and then between 15 and 24 months,

Today visits an increasing proportion of infants and young children, the SFOPH established a crèche or other childcare facility, the adaptation – and warns: “In the case of a delayed receipt of the two doses of the vaccine many children to the measles unprotected.”

A pair of red pustules – as a child. Still, many parents do measles as a harmless childhood disease. Experts warn, however: With the highly contagious Virus is no joke. Measles can even lead to death.

The Virus is transmitted through the air by droplets. Coughing, Sneezing, but also can transmit the disease. Only to realize late that it is infected. Because the symptoms of days, if not weeks after infection. It comes to fever, itchy spots on the skin, neck or abdominal pain, fatigue or sensitivity to light.

it will be Dangerous, if there is a complication: otitis media and pneumonia, severe diarrhea – and dehydration, even brain skin inflammation can be the consequences. Since there is no medicine against the Virus that ends an estimated one in every five of the brain inflammation of the skin in measles deadly.

In the fight against measles helps so it’s just Precautionary. Each of the small would-vaccinated child in a timely manner, could be eradicated the Virus. The vaccine is inexpensive and accessible. However rampant the Virus especially in developing countries and in war zones. But also in the industrialized countries
increases diseases, the number of measles.

How dangerous are the so-called children’s disease, shows an estimate of the world health organization (WHO), according to which in the last year, 136 000 people with measles died. And the trend is rising.

Already in place for 2019, the United Nations children’s Fund (Unicef), in a total of 98 countries, an increase of measles. Including rich countries such as France. Already in the first months of this year were infected, and about 112’000 people worldwide with the Virus – four times as many as in the prior-year period.

Complicit in the alarming Figures of the Anti-Impfbewegung, the ride via the Internet to lie about the dangers of vaccination verb, says Henrietta Fore, Director of the Unicef. The most famous claim is that the measles vaccination for autism trigger. Medically untenable, and also of their inventors reclusive legend. Nevertheless, such myths have also been made that the WHO is one of the Impfskepsis meanwhile, of the ten largest global health threats.

by 2020, wanted to exterminate the leaders of the EU, the Virus. This would be possible by vaccination of 95 percent of the children. According to data from the competent EU Agency for prevention and control of disease achieved in 2017, but only Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, and Portugal, the rate. The conclusion of the lights in France, Austria, Romania, Greece and Malta, achieved in 2017 at the second measles vaccination Rates of 85 percent.