Vladimir Putin met with Ella Pamfilova Ella Pamfilova Vladimir Putin met with Ella Pamfilova
the Press service of the President of Russia Ella Pamfilova.
the Press service of the President of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted the postponement of the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, if required by the epidemiological situation, the press service of the Kremlin.

“If the situation requires, then we will reschedule for a later date this is a national vote, – the President said. – Nothing is more important than the health and lives of citizens. Will look based on the current situation”.

Putin also noted that in those countries where the situation of coronavirus is much more difficult, from the election do not give up. However, he added that the law does not limits to the authority in the case that date will have to reschedule at a later date. “Later, the term later, the law is not indicated,” said he.

the Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova assured the President that they are ready for any situation. “Several different variants designed. All those modern methods that we have tested, tested, it is expected their application. In General, we are ready to reach each member’s vote depending on the situation, she said. – Mr President, I want to assure You that not for a moment relax, work and be ready to allOh the situation.”

About the possibility of postponing the vote earlier said the sources Sign,com. One of them described the reason for the threat of coronavirus.

to minimize the risks, the administration is considering the possibility of extending provisional, including home-based, voting on amendments to the Constitution. This will avoid mass concentrations of people at polling stations. Time early voting can be extended from three days to a week.

on Monday, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that there are no alternative dates for voting (in addition to 22 April) is not considered because “there is no objective indicators”, says RBC.

About the need to amend the Basic law, President Vladimir Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly on 15 January. Further events were like a special operation. It started with “a smokescreen” – discussion legally illiterate and controversial amendments about God, the family as the Union of a man and women, children – “the treasure state”, the fight against falsification of history, etc.

But the most important amendment that allows you to reset the presidential terms of Vladimir Putin to be elected again, was announced at the time of adoption of the amendments in the lower house of Parliament. Zeroing pushed through in record time – from the moment of Putin’s speech in the state Duma, in which he supported the amendment before the adoption of the law the Federation Council has passed 24 hours, and prior to its approval by two thirds of regional parliaments – only 48 hours although the law assigns to it the whole year.

March 14, the bill was signed by President Vladimir Putin. And on March 16 the amendments to the Basic law of the land upheld by the constitutional court.