The health insurance premiums are a vexed issue that affects all of you. Even if the premiums for the coming year, just gently – or in some cases even not at all – climbing, the next premium increase is determined. When and why and what is best to do, the economic editor of the Christian Kolbe with Felix Schneuwly (59) is discussed by the comparison portal Comparis.

Because there are large potential savings for the individual. However, many apply as a removable lazy, although an annual change in the mandatory basic health insurance with no disadvantages. To the nerves instead of the annoying calls of any health Insurance agent, it pays to check every year, his personal insurance situation.

it Needs a supplementary insurance?

Who can afford to increase the deductible, what is a Franchise of 10’000 Swiss francs, as from time to time being considered would mean, really? It does not need an additional insurance? And who is actually paying for the cost of care in old age? To all of these questions, Felix Schneuwly is on Tuesday from 12 noon in the VIEW-Live-Talk information.

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