Maybe you are a Greek or a Portuguese, 65 years old and want to after the work is done back in their home, because the weather is warmer and the people are warm-hearted. Or you are an Englishman, also 65 years old and want to spend the evening of Life in England, because you miss the fog and continue to go out to work. Or you are born from Romania, 50 years ago, and would like to contribute in Bucharest that the country forward. Or maybe you want to emigrate easily, for example to America. You would not be the First.

In all these cases, the question of whether you can continue with your previous health insurance company insured, or a health insurance policy in the old and new home choose to provide. In the above fictitious examples, different rules apply.

First, the example of the choice American: the Swiss health insurance only CSS, KPT and Swica appropriate offers. They are based on the insurance contract act (VVG), like all other supplemental insurance also. The funds are subject to coercion of any Recording. The contract must be completed, as long as you still have residence in Switzerland. In addition, there are numerous foreign suppliers.

we Come to the example of the Greeks: pensioners who take living in the EU and Switzerland – only Switzerland, a pension from the AHV or IV, will continue to be insured in Switzerland, compulsory health insurance. In the EU, the place of employment principle applies.

No rule without exception: What is true for Greeks, it must also apply to Portuguese. With Portugal, Spain and the neighboring countries, Switzerland has negotiated the right to option out of: retirees can choose whether you want to be insured with a Swiss or local health insurance. The same applies in Portugal, only for retirees. The members of the family are to be insured in Portugal.

The British pensioners, in turn, must insure themselves in England, although the country is still in the EU. This is because he goes after a purchase. As I said: It is the place of employment principle applies. The Romanian finally can not be insured according to the KVG, because he is still a pensioner.

Now, there are also so-called Posted. The are in Switzerland for a Swiss company for a few years abroad. For them other rules apply. Other rules also apply to cross-border commuters.

The co-operative Event of the Swiss abroad advises. She gives you tips on what to look for when taking out health insurance. For services and specific offers Soliswiss refers to your partner in Strategic Alliances. If you want to know more: questions you Soliswiss, but don’t ask me.