home Sweet home, happiness alone? Of due! Almost every Second person feels in his living area disturbed. This displays the new health statistics of the Federal office for statistics. The main reason is the traffic. Every Fourth objected to the noise or exhaust gases.

But also the noise from people and children outside the household, annoying people – after all, 14 percent are from the neighbors.

other sources of disturbance such as agriculture, radiation from antennas, or power lines, or street light less than ten percent of the defendant in each case.

to show How the Numbers for 2017, has remained the problem of a dysfunctional living environment, since the stable in 2012. Compared to 2007, and even decreased by slightly more than half, to 44 percent.

population is> sportive

Many are active: Three of the four individuals remained in 2017 in their spare time, in a sufficient mass in order to be considered active are classified. That means you go a week at least twice a intense physical activity (sweating) or move a minimum of 150 minutes per week at moderate intensity (out of breath get). In contrast, eight percent of the population were less than 30 minutes per week and are thus considered inactive. Men were in their spare time somewhat more likely than women to be physically active. In addition, around two-thirds of the population indicated in 2017, to operate Sport, Gymnastics or Fitness. Overall, the proportion of Active people has risen significantly since 2002 – from 62 to 76 percent! the men eat more unhealthy: To include a healthy diet at least five servings of fruits and/or vegetables per day. But only one in five complied with this recommendation at least five days per week. After all: women from 25 years to follow the rule, with 28 percent, twice as often as men, with 15 percent. Conversely, it looks at the consumption of meat, where a maximum of four times per week of meat eaten should be. Based on these recommendations, half of the men, but only a quarter of women ass almost to often of meat. the More cannabis use: Almost one in Ten of 15 – to 24-Year-olds used cannabis in the last month Cannabis. Young men did this with twelve per cent, twice as often as young women. Ten years ago there were in this age class are less regular cannabis users, only six per cent. the Young noise-drinkers: 27 percent of 15 – to 24-Year-old said in 2017, a minimum of once per month have a noise anzutrinken. Here, too, the proportion of young men was 30 percent higher than that for young women, with 24 percent.