Despite feeling unwell, the day was very successful.

Olga Ritchie from the city of Henrico in the U.S. state of Virginia in mid-June, suddenly enriched by 500 thousand dollars. And all due severe headache.

the woman told the Times Now, 22 June, she felt bad, but the house found no suitable painkillers, and therefore was forced to go to the nearest store for tablets. Together with all the necessary Olga and bought a lottery ticket.

“Best headache ever!” When Olga Ritchie got home she said she almost fainted, but not because of her headache.

at Home she erased the protective layer and could not believe my eyes. You have the winning ticket. So, thanks to the campaign for the medicine woman became richer by half a million.

Happy American has already received the first paycheck, the truth is that to do with the money haven’t decided yet. Part of the winning Ritchie is planning to postpone their retirement, and also to repair the house.

Catherine Gura

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