Vladimir Zelensky was replaced by the head of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. It is stated in the decree on the website of the President.

Instead of Basil Burba chair was occupied by someone called Cyril Budanov. Any details about his work are given.

In the President’s Office said that the change of the head of the intelligence associated with the “need to reformat and the intensification of work, search and introduction of modern approaches and views on the issues of security.”

RBC reports that the name of Budanov was involved in the case about the organization of sabotage in the Crimea in 2016. Then the detainee is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Ukrainian military intelligence George Abdullaev claimed during questioning by the FSB that Budanov was to be the direct perpetrator of a series of attacks.

Ukrainian portal LIGA.News claims that Budanov in 2019 was assassinated, allegedly organized by the “group of saboteurs from Russia.” Under the car the scout was trying to plant a bomb, but it exploded in the hands of the killer.