According to the head of GBU RA Stroyzakazchik Aslan of Abregov, in the current year in the framework of national projects and government programs the Agency conducts work in 39 facilities totaling over 2.4 billion rubles. In the first half disbursed more than 1.1 billion rubles.

built Among large-scale objects – water intake and the main conduit; a kindergarten for 120 places in the village of Khatukay, the villages of krasnogvardeyskoe and Garden; add-in the maternity ward and extension to a perinatal centre of the Maikop city hospital; the construction of 23 feldsher-midwife stations; reconstruction of the National Museum; the construction of houses of culture in S. White, p. Otradnoye and and. Ulyap and sports centers in Adygeysk and Giaginsk district. Also planned is a complete overhaul of the folk culture Center in Adygeysk and children’s schools of arts in Maykop, village krasnogvardeyskoe and Kamennomostsky.

the head of the Republic instructed to ensure strict control at all stages of construction of the designated facilities. Emphasized the importance of meeting deadlines and quality of construction.

“All projects must be delivered without delays. To monitor the work necessary to participate actively and heads of municipalities. All utilities, road and social projects should be considered taking into account the territorial development plans, to have clear visualizations already at the design stage,” – said Murat Kumpilov.

the discussion concerning the implementation of the regional project “Modern school”, the Minister of education and science Anzaur Kerashev reported that the increase in the number of school places allocated to 1.81 billion. In the framework of the national project over six years will ensure the creation of 3550 new places, of which 1350 are in rural areas. In the current year is planned to put into operation a school in Khan’s article (250 seats) and Maykop (1,100 seats). The creation of additional places in kindergartens provided 1.1 billion rubles. It is noted that in the framework of the national project in General, it is planned to put into operation 12 preschools. To date, completed the construction of six kindergartens. Until the end of the year will build three preschools.

the head of the Republic emphasized the necessity of control over the work of entrepreneurs engaged in educational activities in preschool programs.

“We must encourage private initiative in the sphere of preschool education, especially where there is no possibility to build large kindergartens. However, it is important to explain to people providing private services for pre-school education, not to go into the shadows and be licensed to participate in programs of state support. Municipalities should in this explanatory process to take part”, – said Murat Kumpilov.

Separately at the meeting ��have bodily the harmonisation of technical conditions in the construction of infrastructure of industrial (industrial) Park, “Yablonovsky”. According to the Minister of economic development and trade of RA Gennady Mitrofanov, land area of over 193 acres for future infrastructure formed. Industrial Park is planned to provide electricity with a capacity of 70 megawatts, gas supply capacity of 30 thousand cubic meters per hour and water intake capacity up to 10 thousand cubic meters per day. In addition, you need to design roads, including access roads, a length of about eight kilometers.

Murat Kumpilov focused attention on the need to accelerate work on the design of appropriate urban planning and permits.

“it is Important today to have on hand a road map with responsible persons and timing for each step. This project was included in the individual program of social-economic development of Adygea. It is necessary today to pick up residents and to raise public awareness. The effectiveness of the industrial Park and the investment in him should be the maximum,” said Murat Kumpilov.

the mode of the video gate, the head of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov held a meeting of the coordinating staff to ensure the construction, reconstruction, capital repair of objects within the framework of the implementation of national projects, state and municipal programs.