Head of Adygea held the meeting of the operational headquarters

Opening the meeting, the head of Adygeya said that the epidemiological situation in the Republic controlled, coordinated work of all authorities. Oberstab, municipalities, Ministry staff and volunteers are in constant interaction.

Murat Kumpilov noted the high level of isolation in the period of the weekend and thanked all the citizens for a conscientious attitude to execution of the decisions of the operational staff.

“I Thank all our residents for their responsible attitude and understanding of the situation. We see how the high virulence of the infection. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of new cases of infection. In order to detect lesions and localize them, we twice increased testing of the population, intensified work on disinfection of public places. In the future it is necessary to take all possible measures to stop the spread of a new coronavirus infection. And here the important contribution of each citizen of the Republic: a withdrawal, a decrease in the number of contacts, the fulfillment of all sanitary norms and requirements is the most effective way in combating the pandemic”, – said the head of RA.

As reported the head of Rospotrebnadzor for the Republic of Armenia Sergey Zavgorodniy, in total tested 12 594 analysis, the reserves of more than 7000 test systems. The largest number of cases in Maykop and Adygeysk. Determined circle of people who had contact with the infected. Such in the Republic of 936 people, they are all in quarantine under medical observation.

the control and all citizens who arrive from Moscow and St. Petersburg. 20 APR 55 residents were orderly delivered from Krasnodar airport to Adygea. They sent for isolation of the home, four people in the Observatory. Arriving in Adygea from these cities to other modes of transport should immediately announce their arrival by phone hotline: 8-800-555-49-43, 8 (8772) 52-12-05. From this moment they reach their legal liability for violation of the regime of self-isolation.

of the healthcare Minister Rustem meretukov reported that currently in outpatient treatment is 40 patients hospitalized 93 people, including 6 patients in intensive care units, one connected to the ventilator. All the rest of the disease is of moderate severity and mild. Ready to discharge ten people.

the Minister informed that currently the hospital has no shortage of drugs and medical equipment. While the standard in 81 ventilator in the Republic 53 may already be involved. Other medical institutions also have ventilators. This week it is planned to supply previously purchased equipment. In addition, we received a large batch of protective suits for health care workers.

however, work to create a medicines stock, WedDSTV protection and equipment will continue. The head of the Adygea Republic demanded by the 28th of April to finalize the capacity-reserve capacity of health facilities to improve the readiness in case of deterioration of epidemic situation.

it is Planned that the standard 230 places in the country will be deployed around 500 beds. So, the hospital will be able to accept 170 patients, that is, the additional 50 seats. In Maikop city hospital will prepare 250 beds in the therapeutic Department – 70. This week will begin distributing points of oxygen for each bed. This work is almost completed in the hospital Enema, where 100 beds.

In conclusion, Murat Kumpilov has set a task associated with the execution of orders on measures to support households and small and medium-sized businesses. It is also planned to hold a series of thematic meetings to monitor the situation in different spheres of economic activity.