The Italian coach, Roberto Mancini is of the opinion that the postponement of the european CHAMPIONSHIP of 2020 will be to the advantage of the team’s owner. However, it will provide also the difficulty, as players will be able to in september, when the next national football team, almost ten months together, has been.

“as long As we are in June and the european CHAMPIONSHIPS were to be played, and we had a good chance. It’s to do with the teams that are better prepared, because the team have been renewed, or has an existing, strong formation, such as in France,” said Mancini. “However, we will be able to compete for the prize. I hope the coach of the Italian team for the first time since 1968, the european CHAMPIONSHIP will win.”

The Italian team won it, just like the Red Devils, and all ten of the qualifiers and has been fitted with a new venture. Mancini: “But it still has a year to get the guys the opportunity to be in every way to improve it, they will have to get some more experience.”

Mancini is in may of 2018, at the helm of the Italian economy (Photo: EPA, EFE,

Italy has been hit hard by the corona virus, and the country saw soon took stringent measures are. Football has been a few weeks of minor importance in the voetbalgekke the country. Some of the need for the national team in action. “We have each other for months and not seen it. When we see each other at the end of september, it is almost a year ago,” said the head coach. “It’s going to be hard. We have a very busy calendar, with the Nations League, European championship and world cup qualifiers. There will be very little opportunity for you to work out.”

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