YouTube users have accused the service is that it automatically removes all comments that contain criticism of the Communist party of China. YouTube itself, this fact does not deny, but claims this is due to a technical failure, promising to investigate the situation.One of the first drew attention to the removal of criticizing the Communist party of China reviews in YouTube Oculus founder Palmer Lucky. In his Twitter he wrote: “YouTube has deleted all my comments about Amadan division of Internet propaganda of the CCP (Amadan, or “50-cent army,” the informal name of Pro-government bloggers in China.— “Kommersant”). I wonder who that is Google smart enough to censor American reviews for American video posted in America on the American platform, which is already banned in China?” According to him, his comments lost not only recently, but everything. And not only are his comments: “it Seems that this new global policy of YouTube, not only actions against me. Try to write something negative about Amadan or at least just mention them. Your comment will last 30 seconds and will be removed without warning or notification, in the style censorship of the CCP. What is the purpose?”The Western media decided to test the words of Mr. Lackey. The Verge revealed that the left under videos or live broadcasts comments with the words “Communist bandit” or “50-cent army” are automatically deleted after 15 seconds. But only if they are written in Chinese Pinyin and not in English translation or in Latin transcription. At the request of the Verge on YouTube said that they have not made any changes in company policy regarding censorship of comments and that their filters are set to only delete “spam, offensive, or hateful comments.” “It seems that this is a mistake of our system of control over compliance with requirements. We inspect,” said in YouTube, urging users to report any such cases to detect such errors, to “help us improve the service.”However, as it turned out, such cases, removing the comments in YouTube visited before: they received a separate complaint in October 2019. But then they are so wide attention has been brought and, apparently, changed nothing in the algorithm of action YouTube.Alena Miklashevskaya