The actor Bo Hopkins is dead. As reported by the industry magazine “Hollywood Reporter”, among others, he died in Los Angeles at the age of 84. Hopkins suffered a heart attack in early May and died Friday at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles.

Bo Hopkins began his film career in Sam Peckinpah’s western The Wild Bunch (1969), after having previously appeared in various series such as The People of Shiloh Ranch and Gunsmoke. Since then, Hopkins, who was born in South Carolina in 1938, has frequently played the role of the villain, including in “Getaway” opposite Steve McQueen (1972). Numerous classics and well-known directors of Hollywood cinema can be found in the actor’s CV, including “American Graffiti” (1973) by George Lucas and “12 o’clock at night – Midnight Express” (1978) by Alan Parker.

But Bo Hopkins was not only busy on the big screen, the actor was also often seen on television in series such as “The Denver Clan”, “Murder is Her Hobby” or “Charlie’s Angels”. Overall, his acting work includes around 125 productions.

After the turn of the millennium, Hopkins was less in front of the camera, most recently in the 2020 drama “Hillbilly Elegy” by Ron Howard. Bo Hopkins is survived by his wife Sian, to whom he was married for 33 years.

Getaway Star Actor Bo Hopkins Dead