The Chancellor is on his way. First Africa, then Davos. Olaf Scholz shakes hands, sometimes not wearing a mask. Now it comes out: He was in contact with people infected with Corona and chose a different path than following the RKI rules.

After Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s (SPD) trip to Africa, there were apparently cases of corona in the Chancellor’s professional environment.

“It is true that following the Chancellor’s trip to Africa, participants in the official delegation tested positive for Corona, although the rapid tests carried out during the trip and after their return were all negative,” a government spokesman told the “Tagesspiegel”. (Sunday).

Scholz returned on Wednesday with his delegation from a three-day trip to Senegal, Niger and South Africa. According to the report, on Thursday he drove to the World Economic Forum in Davos and on Friday to the Catholic Day in Stuttgart. “After the trip, the Chancellor was examined several times a day with PCR tests. All of these tests were and are negative. He was therefore able to attend the appointments as planned in accordance with the applicable infection protection rules, ”explained a government spokesman.

Although there is no longer a quarantine obligation for contact persons, the Robert Koch Institute urgently recommends reducing contacts independently for five days, especially with risk groups for a severe course of the disease, the newspaper report continues. Recordings showed that the Chancellor came into contact with many people both in Davos and at the Catholic Day without mask protection. A government spokesman told the newspaper that numerous negative PCR tests had ruled out a risk.